Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

photography post : seaweed


now, I will post about my vacation, actually..
but, why the title is "seaweed"?
because I want to share about my photography experience in ngliyep, (my vacation with fastradha 2 months ago) and about one of my favourite photo.
Moreover, I want to say "thanks a lot" to my best friend 'putri' for her camera..

 'egg roll' at dearista's house,
hmmm, so yummy..

photographer : dearista "shela"

 photographer : ineelsa
I don't know what is it, but it interesting..
so, I took it..

no comment about it,
 yeah, it's me..
 amazing views of ngliyep,



favourite picture, 
do you think it's seaweed?

 photographer : ineelsa

do you know what is it?

photographer : fitridevy

amazing picture,
I don't know, who took this picture?
I will ask to my friend about it..

I don't know what is it..
it's one of my favourite photo..

ok, that's all about my photography experience..
thanks for watching,

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